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Limit on how many agent one NES can handle

Question asked by PhilMar on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by jaisa05

I'm trying to find limits on how many agents can one Execution Server can handle by itself.

I've looked into the documentation and couldn't really find any relevant info.


Currently, our NES are virtual machines with 4 cores and 8Gb of memory each.  We've reached the 200 agents limit (in nimi_config.xml : <config> <nimi> <keepalive> <server> <capacity>200</capacity> <...>) and I've increased it to 500 but I'm not sure how many agents can such a NES handle without peformance problems.

Our daily work is very limited and we have less than 10 release per day and less than 100 jobs per day.


Is there any doc/recommandation on such agent limit ?