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Resetting User License Type

Question asked by Will_Lloyd on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by Will_Lloyd

I was wondering if there is a Job that can be run or a manual process that can be performed to reset the License Type attributed to Resources.


I have set up a number of Resources with user privileges like those that you'd see associated with the Group 'PMO Executive Viewer'. From this, they would be consuming a View-Only license as seen on the Administration->License Information page.


If another user, for example with 'Portfolio - Create' or 'Portfolio - Edit' permissions, adds that View-Only user as a Portfolio Manager rather than a Portfolio Stakeholder, the View-Only user will inherit the capability to edit the Portfolio - a permission level associated with a Full license. This license level unfortunately comes at many times the cost compared to the View-Only license.


If the view-Only user's access to the Portfolio is changed from Manager to Stakeholder, or even if the Portfolio is deleted entirely, the View-Only user continues to consume a Full license.


Is there a way of resetting License Levels to the permissions actually assigned to users?