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Creating a lrel relationship for a custom table. Cherrie Picker view

Question asked by Edgar13 on Sep 21, 2017
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Hi Communities


Sorry to Bother Guys and Ladies


I have build a custom table called zbuservice and a custom column on CR table called zbusvc which is Business Services.


This was a look up first, then the requirement changed to, they want select multiple business service at the same time. We did it like groupmem and cnt relationship by building a magic file to zlrel_cr_busvc.maj to build the brel's for us in the schema after we build the bottom screens.


We also build a update_lrel_zbuservice. All works the majic script builds the brel columns on the CR and zbuservice tables, But I get this error when trying to search for Business services. Struggling to bring back the Cherrie picker.


error message "attr_by_key() failed for attr_name=zbuservice; producer=zlrel_cr_busvc" service desk dies immediately and tries to recover all this is in DEV.when I clisck on the search button.



I understand this is custom fields and tables and lrel's. I would just like see if someone has done this before and did it work and where may I be going wrong.





Edgar Louw