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Lock a TSV value in cost plan detail

Question asked by ashmi_ashma on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by LGI_DMG_BA



Is it possible to lock a time scaled value in cost plan detail? or make it read only?


I have added a custom TSV field - "Baseline" to Cost Plan Detail object and am displaying it in "Amounts by Period" also.

My requirement is to copy value from planned cost into this field on-demand. I am able to achieve that via xog. But I also need to make this field as "non-editable" and I am not able to figure out how to do that.


Since its a TSV field, I do not have an option to make it read only.

In the view - > field properties, I don't have a way to control "allow editing" feature only for  a single attribute "baseline" of "Amount By Period"


"Cost Plan detail" object is not available in processes i.e. I cannot have a process on Cost Plan Detail object.

Cost Plan Detail object is alos not available to be linked to Cost Plan Object. So I do not see any way to lock this custom field in a process too.


Any idea/ suggestions would be appreciated!