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Make Rest Url https

Question asked by La-Qa on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by jmayer

Hello Team


We have implemented SDM 17.0 with Advance Availability Feature. We have 1  Bg server, 1 standby server and 2 application server. One applciation server has Rest port configured for mobility to us mobile application. We have successfuly exposed the url on internet and can login mobile application using following url and analyst able to treat the tickets.




now , as the mobility url can be access globally so customer has a security concern and they want to login mobile application with https and not http, like below url




Please guide how to make this https? Also I know there is certificate need to be import on every mobile device which access mobile application. So is it mean only if i import certificate on mobile devices then we can login with https ? or there is separate method for making mobility https?