Webcast: CA Service Management in the Big CA Picture

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Don't miss our February 6th, 11am ET global webcast that will cover how CA Service Management fits into CA's message and strategy centered on the Modern Software Factory. You'll also learn about the Modern Software Factory.

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In what CA calls the Modern Software Factory, developers employ Agile methodologies and automate application deployment into Operations via DevOps. Automation tools speed up the delivery of applications into Operations. So how does IT Service Management (ITSM) play in this changed world? How does Operations know that a change to an app has impacted the CMDB? And how do we transform this new information into knowledge for the Service Desk? Please join Darren Arcangel, CA Services Architect and co-author of the book, "ITIL® and the Information Lifecycle - Integrating Agile, DevOps and ITSM", to learn more about how CA Service Management and all these pieces all fit together to enable the Modern Software Factory.