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Discussion created by William Kammersell Employee on Mar 6, 2018
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Hello Community! In my role as a DevOps Product Owner, I've needed to talk to internal developers about their experiences with our services. I need to avoid my natural tendencies to make biased decisions, such as talking to folks who are similar to me or who sit near me, so I hacked together this app to do the choosing for me. By letting the app decide who I talk to, I get more diverse conversations and thus make better decisions. This app is a general purpose tool that you can use too to help you connect with any user in Agile Central. For example:

  • As a Executive/Leader, connect with contributors to ensure they're aligned on your company's vision, motivated, and have a chance to ask you questions
  • As an Internal Product Owner, connect with developers in your organization to perform empathy interviews and get feedback on the value you deliver
  • As a Release Train Engineer, connect with train members to find risks and understand each members' unique strengths for making better plans
  • As a CA Agile Central Subscription Admins, connect with Agile Central users to understand the health of your implementation and discover ways to improve


This app was inspired by an episode of the Invisibilia podcast where a techie made an app to connect him with random Facebook groups - Eager To Burst His Own Bubble, A Techie Made Apps To Randomize His Life : All Tech Considered : NPR 


Note this app is not supported by CA and was created as a Hackathon. If you'd like to try more of my Agile Central apps, check out my app posts and GitHub.


As a Hackathon, I'd love any feedback you have. This is just a MVP, so all enhancement ideas are welcome!


How it works

Welcome serendipity into your life with CA Agile Central (CAAC) Roulette! This app presents a random user with profile details and their recent work. (Note - the screenshots below look pixelated due to lots of redacted content)



Some users have more or less profile information in Agile Central, so the app will adjust what is shown:


If you aren't seeing recent stories for a user, you may need to change the project scope for the page to a project higher up your project hierarchy so it can find the user's work items.


Make yourself a calendar reminder to play roulette once a week (or more!) and give it a spin. If the selected user is someone you've already talked to or doesn't match the criteria you want, give it another spin with the "Next User" button.


Installation Instructions

If you've never used a custom app in Agile Central, you're missing out! You can use my app right away by using a Custom HTML app to copy my code into Agile Central Custom HTML | CA Agile Central Help. My app's source code to copy into the app can be found at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wkammersell/caac-roulette/master/deploy/App-uncompressed.html . If you need any help while installing the app, please let me know!