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Fault Tolerant SS  OneClick Landscape Status NOT READY

Question asked by JonV on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by JonV

We had an issue with our FT SS setup we got resolved and see TCP 14002 listening on FT SS.  Now I see in OC Admin page the Landscape view shows the Secondary  status  NOT READY.  Revalidated the .hostrc and .locrc file setup on both hosts.  SSdb synchronization does work.  During failover of primary OneClick client does not show red border nor does it show yellow border.  Connection status icon shows green, not yellow nor read although OC client cannot ping any device.  So it looks like OC client in limbo. 


See that OC does talk to FT SS when we shutdown the primary SS (spectroserver and processd down) to FT SS on 14004 but not connection initiated to 14002.


Question is, what is required from OC so it will consider FT SS READY for failover in the Landscape view??