AE & AWI sizing

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Nov 20, 2017
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In a recent discussion about poor AE performance following DB load of transport case, the topic of AE sizing came up. As we plan a future switch from the Java User Interface to the Automic Web Interface, we also are interested in learning more about the sizing requirements for the AWI.

We plan to migrate from the JUI to the AWI in the coming year or so. Eventually, there could be a couple hundred AWI users connected simultaneously. Simultaneous with this change from JUI to AWI, we will also be switching from the transport case to XML for AE object deployments.

With these two upcoming transitions in mind, when I look over the sizing recommendations, a few points stand out:
  • For up to 200 users, the AWI needs 32 GB of RAM.
  • To handle 200 connected users, about 100 DWPs would be required.
  • If large workflows are used, the AE & AWI need an additional 1-2 GB per DWP.
  • If large XML exports/imports are performed, the AE & AWI need an additional 1-2 GB per DWP.
As I understand these requirements, if we have 200 connected users, use large workflows, and perform large exports/imports, then we will need between 232 and 432 GB of RAM for the AE & AWI.

Supplement for
large workflows
Supplement for
large XML imports/exports
Total RAM
Low estimate
32 GB
100 GB
100 GB232 GB
High estimate
32 GB+200 GB+200 GB432 GB
Is this correct? Is it realistic? Do both the AE and AWI need this much RAM?