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In this post, you will find information on upcoming changes to Automic Support. Over the past year, CA and Automic have been working diligently to ensure that there is little impact to our customers as we fully integrate our support teams. Beginning in January, Automic will start to integrate with the CA Technologies Support organization and our goal is to keep you well informed throughout the transition.

Emails have been sent out alerting you to these pending changes and in this post we are providing additional details on what is changing and when those changes will take place.

Beginning Friday, April 13, at 8pm Eastern Daylight Time, users of Automic Support will be redirected to There will be no case management access on from Saturday, April 14 at 5am until midnight Saturday night. If you need to open or update a case during this time, please call: +1(425) 633-2580 or +43 5 708 080 to reach CA Automic Support directly. Should you need another local phone number, please consult the link Contact support.

Please go to the following link to get to know all the support and services that CA offers:


Why is this happening?

  • We want to provide the customer with one single way to support all their CA product suites
          - One support portal
          - One login for all CA sites
          - One set of support processes
  • This is being done to support mixed solutions where CA|Automic products may interact with other CA products. This will ease the customer interaction with support, we will have the ability to seamlessly work with other support groups through a single support platform.   
  • CA is heavily investing in improving their support tools and process. We want Automic customers to benefit from these investments.


Key Changes to support: will switch

  • A  password reset will be required to log into the CA portal.
  • Layout of the portal will look and feel differently.  
  • All CA products will be searchable in the knowledge system.
  • License related requests will need to be done by contacting Customer Care, rather than through the portal. Link to Phone Numbers
  • All communication and updates will take place through the original case. Problem cases will be managed internally to help cluster cases into common issues. For our customers there will only be one case to maintain.
  • Cases can only be created via the portal or by calling support. A case reference will be generated after its creation. Emails with no case reference will not get processed.
  • Change to be completed by April 16 2018.

Contacting support using the phone

  • Former phone number willcontinue to work.
  • The ability to contact support directly will remain.
  • The new numbers will be on the site under the“contact support”link.
  • The prompts to get a CA Automic Automation support engineer will be different.

Starting in April, Automic customers will have access to CA support offerings

Automic Community will migrate to

  • Posts will remain accessible and direct links to them will redirect to the new address on CA’s community.
  • Subscriptions to posts will remain.
  • The CA community platform is very similar to the Automic platform.
  • A password reset will be required. 

Automic Ideas will move to CA's community

The Automic Marketplace will remain intact 

  • With the password reset for communities you will have access to the Automation Market Place.
  • You will be able to access the Marketplace through the Automic community. 

 Changes related to the eLearning center:

 Automic university changing to CA Learning Center

  • Starting in April 2018, the Automic eLearning center will only be accessible to those with Active learning credits. All credits will need to be activated by March 31, 2018. After that point eLearning for the Automic products can be purchased through the CA learning center.
  • Courses on the Automic learning center will remain active with the credits already active until March 31, 2019.
  • The CA Education and Training center will offer new One Automation learning paths and certifications.
  • Here is a link to the CA Education and Training center
  • Change will take place between January and March 2018.