Distributed Server Environment

Discussion created by Keld_Mollnitz on Dec 10, 2015
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Hi folks,

Is anyone out there running their AE in a Distributed Server Environment, like us ?

Our Production system is AE v9 SP11 and we have installed CP/WP server processes on two virtual Windows 2008 R2 servers (VMWare).
The two Windows servers are located in separate Data Centers in order to increase system stability, e.g. in case one Data Center fails we can still operate from the other site.
We have four CP's, two on each node. I recently found out (INC0348544) that in order to be able to handle all my Agents if one node fails, I will have to create more CPs on my system (because each CP can handle a maximum of 2030 connections).

If you are also running in a Distributed Server Environment, I curious to know:

How many server processes (CPs and WPs) do you have?
How many Agents do you have ?