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Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Michael_Lowry
Hi everyone,
The v12 has brought many changes in the documentation’s structure. You have already reported some of them either to the Support or to the Community. The purpose of this topic is to collect a list of issues related to the documentation in order to provide you with a follow up on their resolution. Below an example reported by Keld_Mollnitz

Issue #DescriptionStatus
1A mix of English and French on this page: Guides/help.htm#AWA/Overview/AWASysOverview.htm?TocPath=Pr%C3%A9sentation%20du%20produit|_____0Fixed
2Documentation, Version 11.2 english > Topic for PREP_PROCESS_VAR is missingIn progress
3Documentation switcher does not render nicely in iOS/AndroidFixed
4DB Schema for v11.2 is not accessible (error 404) :
5The v12 API documentation is not available. (error 404) :
6Version 11.2 of the AE documentation does not appear in the drop-down version listFixed
7Version 11.2 of the AE documentation is not up to date (Version 11.2.2+build.388 )Already up to date
8Search feature is broken in the V12 online documentationSolved after clearing browser cache
9It would be nice if all AWA v12 documentation was in one placeEnhancement Request
10Spelling errors in v12 documentationFixed