Database Service Agent vs Database Agent (MSSQL, Oracle, etc)

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A lot of customers get confused between these two, most times mistaking both to be the same.

Database service or DB Service is the Agent for Database Variables.
This is required for Variable (VARA) objects with the source SQL. 

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Database agent is the Agent for Database Jobs and Events.
This is required for executing database jobs and events.

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Both use ucxjsqlx.jar but should be installed in separate directory.

Database Service or DB Service is started using the jar file and ucsrv.ini is used
java -jar C:\automic\V112U\agents\DB_SERVICE\bin\ucxjsqlx.jar -iC:\automic\V112U\automationengine\bin\ucsrv.ini -service
while Database Agent is started using just the jar file
java -jar C:\automic\V112U\agents\MSSQL_Agent\bin\ucxjsqlx.jar