STORE objects and remote resources

Discussion created by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348 on Apr 18, 2017
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AE V12 is running on Windows, together with a collection of Windows agents. 
I intended to test the STORE objects and the ATTACH_RES script instruction. So far it works OK, I can read, cat and modify the contents of a text file. 
All that environment (AE, agents and loaded file) belong to the same physical environment. 
I also run Linux agents on VMs under the physical machine. Is it possible to define a linux file or any remote (not next to the AE) as part of the store object.? I haven’t seen so far a parameter which specifies where the file should be uploaded from.

==> if you want to use the STORE object then we first need to add resource, and it should be done via UI
and after that you can use ATTACH_RES with Window or Unix agent (local or remotely)