Activating AWI↔AE tracing

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Nov 6, 2017
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The documentation page on preparing log files for error reporting states that it is possible to activate tracing of the communication between the AWI and the AE server:

AE API tracing        

This logs the communication between AE and AWI from the AWI point of view.

How: In theuc4config.xml, set the trace element parameters to
<trace count="10" xml="3"></trace>

Attention: You should contact your AE administrators to request the appropriate log level if AE server side tracing is requested

Note:  This is the same protocol that the AE Rich Client uses to talk to AE  backend, which is why this is sometimes called the "Client Trace."

1. Collect the following information and send it to Automic support:
  • All Tomcat log files. All AWI log files are stored in the "logs" folder of the Tomcat web application server. The log files are named<Host_Name>_ECC_Log.##.TXTand trace files are named<Host_Name>_ECC_TRACE.##.TXT. The file number (##) is incremented, with 00 being the current file.

I have followed the instructions, but the only files I see in the Tomcat logs directory are the main AWI log and the corresponding “FRAMEWORK” log. I see no “TRACE” file. Has anyone been able to activate AWI↔AE tracing?