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Better reporting on Jenkins plugin

Question asked by lindsjan on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by lindsjan

Trying to accomplish better feedback loop between Jenkins and CA process. Deployment plan has a post deployment process which does few things. Now if i leave the pause on failure- flags on actions, i get a proper error message to Jenkins jobs console output

Status of deployment [testapp 3.8.62] on environment [int] : Active. Stage Status: Current Stage: Post-Deployment, Current stage Status: Running-With-Errors, Description: 58% Running Post-Deployment (With errors). 
Stage Error Details: ["Update CDD tokens has a process error - Server xxxx has failed step Regex - trim release id."] You can resolve the error then resume the execution from RA.

But thats not the way want it to be. in most of the cases we have, there's no use leaving the process in paused state because the remedy is most often in developers hands, fixing the jenkins jobs. So, to get that working, added ROC fail deployment step and failure link to it from the failing action.   That then leads to following message

Status of deployment [testapp 3.8.64] on environment [int] : Failed. Stage Status: Current Stage: Post-Deployment, Current stage Status: Failed, Description: 100% Failed Build step 'Run RA Deployment' marked build as failure Finished: FAILURE

.. and lost error details, which means somebody needs to look from RA what was the issue.  And while the process details are no more visible, its difficult to see what really was the problem. 


Is there some way of getting the details of the error back to Jenkins? Or maybe ROC fail deployment action could have a field for message ..