Tech Tip: Load Data Warehouse is failing on a custom lookup, how to find out which attribute to disable?

Discussion created by Nika_Hadzhikidi Employee on Aug 8, 2018
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Your Load Data Warehouse job is failing on a custom lookup, could be with one of the errors below:

ORA-00904: invalid identifier

ORA-30926: unable to get a stable set of rows in the source tables

ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row

The lookup might not be having a proper query to work with DWH, how can I find out which attribute  and object it is on, to disable the lookup from DWH?



How to find out the attribute / object affected for the custom lookup:


  1. Check the error message in Home - Job - Log or in bg-dwh.log
  2. Take the lookup table name, for example here is a part of the error: ERROR: THERE WERE ERRORS DURING LOOKUP JOB EXECUTION FOR THE TABLE - DWH_LKP_TEST_VAL_00

Lookup table is DWH_LKP_ TEST_VAL _00

  1. Remove the DWH_LKP_ and the _00 if present. You need the lookup name only.
  2. Modify the query below to include the corrected value, example for TEST_VAL:

select object_name as Object_id, column_name as Attribute_code, lookup_type as Lookup_id

from (


  clt.lookup_type, clt.source,

  clov.sql_text_id, clov.object_code,

  oca.object_name, oca.internal_name, oca.column_name, oca.data_type,

  oca.partition_code, oca.is_multivalued, oca.default_value, oca.derived_object_code,oca.internal_name

from cmn_lookup_types clt

join cmn_list_of_values clov

on clt.lookup_type = clov.lookup_type_code

and clov.is_system = 0

join odf_custom_attributes oca

on oca.lookup_type = clt.lookup_type

and clt.lookup_type like '%TEST_VAL%'


group by object_name, column_name, lookup_type

order by object_name, lookup_type

It has to include the % at the end as sometimes not the full lookup name is used in the table name.

  1. The query will give you the exact object name and attribute that has to be unchecked from Data Warehouse. Connect to Administration - Objects - <object> - Attributes - Select and Uncheck it.
  2. Run Load Data Warehouse - Full Load and then Incremental Load. This should fix the issue.