Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : CA SSO Policy Server: Apache 2.4 for FSS Admin Ui?

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on Aug 22, 2018



I'd like to know : which Policy Server version supports installation and runninig of FSSUI on Apache 2.4 ?




At first glance, only the Policy Server 12.6 offers that support. The
FSSUI gets deprecated in version more recent.

We support Apache 2.4 on RedHat 6 and 7 from Policy Server 12.6 only.


Legacy FSS Administrative User Interface


| Web Server | Version | Windows Server | Red Hat Linux |
| ASF Apache | 2.4 | | 7,6 |



Note that FSS does not have ability to manage features introduced
since 12.0


You might also pay attention that FSSUI is now deprecated since 12.7 :

Deprecated FSS Administrative UI


Starting release 12.7, the FSS Administrative UI is no longer shipped
or supported.


If you are performing an in-place upgrade, the
NETE_PS_ROOT/siteminder/admin folder is deleted. If you have any files
in that location, we recommend you back it up before upgrading.

If you have configured the FSS UI to the following URL, it will no
longer work as the FSS UI is now deprecated:




and some notes about the trouble shooting of FSSUI :


FSSUI returns error 55


Access FSSUI : Applet not downloading.


Please note that CA SSO 12.52 Policy Server, Admin UI and Access
Gateway will be end of service on February 28, 2019:


We recommend upgrading to the latest version CA SSO 12.8, which offers
many new features, performance enhancements, and a new support
life-cycle until March 31, 2022 :


A feature comparison datasheet is available for your review here :


KB : KB000111624