SMGR Service name vs. AE process name - half workaround

Discussion created by FrankMuffke on Sep 11, 2018
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Hi everyone,


struggling with the issue SMGR Service name vs. AE process name described here:
and here


I discovered a workaround lately -- unfortunately its only a half workaround....


In DB Table HOST the field HOST_SMDISPLAYNAME holds the SMGR Service name entry for the agent or WP and CP
e.g. UC4_WP1, UC4_WP3!


so the SQL for identifying SMGR Service Names AND AE process names would be:


select HOST_SMDISPLAYNAME,ah_processid,ah_info,HOST.HOST_HOSTATTRTYPE from ah, HOST
where ah_otype = 'SERV'
and ah_timestamp4 is null
--disable line below if you want CPs in result
--and ah_info is not null
and ah_oh_idnr = host_oh_idnr


Unfortunately#1 for JPWs the field HOST_SMDISPLAYNAME is empty.
Unfortunately#2 for JPWs the field AH_PROCESSID does not have leading zeros to the Process number, all other types do haveleading zeros.
Unfortunately#3 for CPs the field AH_INFO is empty.


hope it helps.


cheers, Wolfgang