IM upgrade from 12.6.5 to 12.6.8

Discussion created by SabreeW75350521 on Sep 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Ashok kumar Muthu

Hi Team


Currently we were on CA IDM 12.6.5 & we need upgrade to CA IDM 12.6.8


For Upgrading CA IDM 12.6.8.

we have installed -> Java 1.8 --> jboss 6.4

previously jboss 6.3 version is used for 12.6.5


When we have Upgraded IM 12.6.8 ,changes are Moved to jboss 6.3 even though we have given the correct patch of Jboss 6.4 when we brought up the server , in IM Manage Console the IM version still showings as 12.6.5 when we are moving from Jboss 6.3 to jboss6.4 We need to Upgrade the IM or Migrate the IM.

if need to do the Migrate . What all the additional steps we need to do like configuration and etc.


Thanks Team