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Static VARA entry with multiple Lines

Question asked by on Sep 26, 2018
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Hello there,


i have a Prompt-Objekt which asks me to input some Text:

I can read this "E-Mail Text" [&PRPT_TEXT#] in my Script and send it via [SEND_MAIL]


Script and Report:


E-Mail Result:





I dont want to use [SEND_MAIL] because i have to use an CALL-Objekt.

I have some tables and text with HTML colorations depending on this and that ... etc.....


So - i need to type HTML Code between every "LINE"


When i check the Report again - i see that all my "LINE"




are just ONE Value for Automic:


I tried to seperate / replace each "LINE" with something like this:


Or this


I even tried to [PUT_VAR] the "&PRPT_TEXT#" and "GET_VAR" /read\ it out from the VARA to see if i would have seperate "LINEs".

But even then - it is just one Value.


What i need is something like this - no - i indeed need this









Just that i mentioned it - ill be more creative with the HTML Code - at least.

Now i just need to be able to seperate my entries from the VARA /or\ PROMPT.


PS: to type it all in a Text-file and then read the Text-file would work.... or to do a seperate Job which i could Post-Script the Report .... but .... well, this cannot be the way     i hope so.


I thank you for your help