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DTSTOS constantly writing to SQL database

Question asked by MarkS88 on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by Brian_Fontana

Hi I am hoping someone can help with fixing an issue I believe is with the SQL database for CA

we are currently running CA ITCM 12.8.1 and over the last few days all our software delivery jobs have failed either with timeout for activation has been reached or with DTS Error: dts error


upon investigating I found that in the logs for DTSTOS is it constantly writing to the SQL database the same information just in new rows,


171018-08:29:25.7776488L|016060|000011e4|dtstos    |CDb             |CDb.cpp             |000520|DETAIL | Execute SQL Script command pointer
171018-08:29:25.7776699L|016060|000011e4|dtstos    |DbImpl_Ado      |DbImpl_Ado.cpp      |000610|DETAIL | Execute command pointer
171018-08:29:25.7777447L|016060|000011e4|dtstos    |CmdPtreImpl_Ado |CmdPtreImpl_Ado.cpp |001113|DETAIL | ExecuteCommandPointer sql: INSERT INTO dts_torproperties (object_id, row_num, object_data) VALUES(132641,23712779,?)
171018-08:29:25.7777875L|016060|000011e4|dtstos    |CmdPtreImpl_Ado |CmdPtreImpl_Ado.cpp |001127|DETAIL | ExecuteCommandPointer sqlwparam: INSERT INTO dts_torproperties (object_id, row_num, object_data) VALUES(132641,23712779,'')
171018-08:29:25.7786717L|016060|000011e4|dtstos    |CDb             |CDb.cpp             |001120|DETAIL | Destroy a Command pointer
171018-08:29:25.7786979L|016060|000011e4|dtstos    |DbImpl_Ado      |DbImpl_Ado.cpp      |002838|DETAIL | Destroy Command Pointer


this appears to cause all software delivery that requires DTS to stall.

I have killed the DTSTOS process and removed all software delivery jobs and restarted the service which has stopped it writing to the database but has caused the database to rollback that transaction which appear it will take hours.


This dts_torproperties table contains about 23 millions rows where as a couple of months ago only contained 200

the only thing that has really changed is we added 600 scalability servers due to the numerous locations of the agents and the speed of the networks.


what i'm asking is if someone can point me in a direction to resolving this issue I am having with DTS, maybe if I can find out what object_id 132641 is.


any help would be much appreciated.