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how to send a compressed response message back to client in MQ deprecated step

Question asked by sum528 on Oct 31, 2018
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Hi ,


This is related to the already answered question:… 


we are using DevTest 9.5 version with  MQ-deprecated step. In the VSI, we have two responses configured which is of XML message.



the incoming request may come in either a plain request xml or in a zip file to the VS. Existing VS is now able to handle both the things and sending the two responses in xml format back to the client.

two response messages are in xml format configured in VSI.


now the requirement is :


if the request comes in a zip file to the VS, then VS should compress the response xml (2 responses) and send the compressed byte messages back to the client, also a header("Compressed = 'Y') need to be passed along with the compressed responses.



is it doable with MQ deprecated step?


solution Assumed is:


1. in the VS Image Response selection step, add a Scripted Assertion to compress the two responses:


similarly compress the second response from VSI and store the zipBytes in another property.


2. Add a publish step (deprecated) and pass the property that is holding the first  response (zipBytes):



3. Add one more publish step and pass the property that is holding the Second  response (zipBytes):


4. Pass the header information in the Base tab of two publish steps added, in publisher info ->Message Properties.





DannySaro Rick.Brown : Please suggest if this is a correct approach or not. 




Thank you