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Memory Threshold Source None

Question asked by emilio.ogaz on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by emilio.ogaz

Hi there,


Is there a way to change the source of the memory threshold?


We've discovered in spectrum, 2 servers which has the agent SystemEDGE installed.


RHEL 6.4
SysEDGE 5.8


RHEL 5.3
SysEDGE 5.8


SERVER_A show with no problem the cpu&memory utilization (thresholds) on the performance tab but SERVER_B does not show memory graph, only of cpu.


looking the thresholds  I see the SERVER_B has a "None" source and the SERVER_A has RFC-2790




other thing, on performance tab of SERVER_B is possible see there the memory graph only on Memory & Storage Utilization (RFC 2790)



I appreciate any help.
Thank you!