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Dirscan Limitations on File size monitoring

Question asked by pmurt on Jan 3, 2019
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Hi All,

Currently DIRSCAN probe has a limitation where it cant isolate one file, the most current file to monitor for file size and alarm on it only.  Unlike the LOGMON probe which will monitor to the most current file and only alarm on information found in that file, the DIRSCAN probe will only look at ALL files individually and if any and all files meet a size requirement for every single poll it will generate a new alarm.  This is a particular problem when files are date time stamped as shown in image above, and with every poll a new alarm is generated for each of these files and an email alert is associated with each of these files.  Like in the example above we have a monitor set up to generate an alert when the files exceeds 50mb, and send an email. So every 60 seconds all the circled files will send another email, which is unacceptable. We only want to be alerted on the most current file. I will be opening an IDEA for an enhancement request, but who knows when that will happen. Does anyone out there currently have a work around for this?