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Docker Image Installation query

Question asked by VijayaKR on Feb 5, 2019
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We are exploring Docker option for our TDM cloud solution. With respect to Installation, we are facing two Issues ( Connectivity and File system space) and would like to get clarify our doubts related to these Issues in the community assuming I would be getting answers as many have started exploring docker options.


We’ve downloaded the “CA TEST DATA MANAGER PORTAL FOR DOCKER (IMAGE KIT) 4.7” image and tried to build the image locally.


During the build time, it failed due to space issues and also connectivity issues.


  • Connectivity issue:

docker compose files are attempting to download the files from the ca site. We will need a clarify on the java source path. Is this a valid path? Even we are unable to access it from our PC.


  • Disk space Error:

It failed due to space issues. Ubuntu image seems like consuming space . Being aware of how much exact space it need, we can fix the space issue by increasing the file system space. If some one can tell the exact space it requires will be good.



Thanks, and Regards

Vijaya Rudhran

Aviva - TDM Team