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Question asked by Wicner_Chacon on Feb 15, 2019
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Hi Team!


In a client we had a problem related to the notifications of closure of incidents / requests, they previously had version 12.9 and in it the notification of closure was personalized so that it will take the link of the survey. For example, the notification email was similar to: 


The link to survey its on the button "Clic Aquí", this link is buil as follow: href="{}+CNTXT_PERSID=cr:@{}" target="_blank" title="">clic aquí</a></strong></span><br>  where the SVY_ID is the survey persid. On the SDM 12.9 this notification work fine, but now on the 17.1.02 this link don´t work.


I tried with the notification by default and I see a new parameter on the survey link, MSG_DIGEST and I found that this new parameter is related to the solution to a vulnerability on the survey link. 



I tried to add the parameter MSG_DIGEST similar to href="{}+CNTXT_PERSID=cr:@{}+MSG_DIGEST=101XK5wnHQWglZ0ul4tznGHtvEBHPWGAREs1KOTBx7WJVL8w90Nbdq3n5qZvqjyTnKck3s15!gU" target="_blank" title="">clic aquí</a></strong></span><br> but the link doesn't work. 


Someone know how I can add the parameter MSG_Digest in a dynamic way or add a html code on the activity notification "close" on the message body on survey?