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Set the file name as operation name from RR pairs

Question asked by sdabbiru on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by sdabbiru

Hi SupportListeners,


I have a requirement where we need to create the virtual services using rr pairs and these need to be compatible during merging with the virtual services created using recording.The challenge I have is ,the rrpairs usually contain fixed length ASCII strings which are mainframe transactions and when creating the virtual service, I use copybooks to slice and dice the msg and usually keep the msg length as the operation name which is unique for each transaction.


However, when creating the vs using recording , I get the transaction name in the meta which I can set as an operation name. This makes the vs created using rrpairs not compatible for merging with the vs created using recording.


What I'm thinking is , if there is a possibility to read the rrpair file name which creating the virtual service, I can keep the transaction Name as the file name for the rrpairs and can keep that as an operation name while creating the virtual service which makes the Virtual service compatible for merging with Virtual service created using recording.


Having said, could you please suggest if there is any way I can get the file name while creating the virtual service using rrpairs?  or if there is any other way, please do suggest .


Thanks in advance!!