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Intfc(Interface) Object

Question asked by ElwynnMartin on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by KarenMatoke

We've been asked to track the way tickets are created and are wondering if it's possible to expose the 'created_via' field of the call_req table in a drop down. Ideally we would like to add a few custom values to the table and have the drop down be required and defaulted to empty so the analysts would be forced to enter a value before saving. OTB behavior for the field is to default to web which satisfies the required criteria and allows the analyst to save the ticket without changing the value of the field.


There doesn't seem to be much out in the communities content yet or in the tech ref pdf about the intfc object so i'm wondering if anybody else is using it and has any knowledge or ideas to share?


Thank you for any help or ideas!