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Hi Team,   As far as I know (in theoretical which may be wrong/partially wrong as well), to setup MOM in high availability, we need to setup two MOMs with Smartstor and PostgreSQL database on same SAN storage in which only one can write at a time. There is also need of a load balancer as well that will check the availability of both MOMs on

Hello,   I am getting this pop up error message when I try to run a query in the excel add-in. Can someone help please?     Regards, Niveditha
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I've searched but cannot find any way to do this, so am submitting this for an enhancement.   The new Collections page is great!  I use it all the time, well, I would like to use it all the time but the thing that limits me the most is the fact that most of the time I have to re-align the columns so that I can actually read the text in