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Many users were recently migrated over from Automic Community site. If you’re one of them, you may have noticed that your screen name here on looks different than before. Your screen name (also known as a display name, alias, handle, or nickname) is the name by which you are identified in the CA Communities. It is the name that… (Show more)
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We are currently planning our clarity upgrade from 14.3 to 15.3. We will be installing the PPM 15.3 version on a brand new box. Can we start our installation on the new boxes from 15.2.0 base version? or do we have to go back and follow a specific upgrade path from a specific base version?
Error "An error occurred while trying to authenticate through SSO (Single Sign-On)"     Problem Unable to access the communities after updating my Alias/Screen Name" through  "My Profile/Basic tab   Resolution Please reactivate your existing password using the Forgot Password link, then clear your cache history and try to access the…
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Last week in the system, my Client, Moody's was on the “Defect Suite Page’ and the “test Case Page” they received a message that the pages were being deprecated and should not be used.  This week the message didn’t show up. They are asking me if we are planning to remove those pages and they need to stop using them.  If not, any insight into why… (Show more)
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I would like following enhancement request:   1) Documentation: SiteMinder installation guide should tell how to configure SElinux to work with SiteMinder Webagent.   2) "Out of the box" configuration: SiteMinder agent installation should "out of the box" deploy a SElinux policy that enables SiteMinder Webagent to work in SElinux environment in…
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Hi Experts, How i can extract a report, which can provide me a detail about running of job by logged in user from WCC. for few box jobs we dont have schedule date and time condition, users fire jobs after login in WCC. please help..   TIA. Ritu
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Hello everyone, We have a client with CA NFA and we want to integrate it with Grafana. I want to know if this is only possible with MySql or if there is another alternative.
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After upgrading an SPS server from 12.52 sP1 CR5 to CR8 the server will not start. The following message is displayed in the server.log file   [19/Apr/2018:14:02:58-937] [FATAL] - No ROOT context found. [19/Apr/2018:14:02:58-952] [ERROR] - InitCatalina failed ('Failed to start component [StandardServer[8005]]') [19/Apr/2018:14:02:58-952] [ERROR]… (Show more)
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