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When using google chrome. If I change the UI theme color, the main login page changes color to the desired one, but once logged in it changes back to blue. It only happens with google chrome.
Hi All   I have a need to show the name of an Assignee or Group of a specific task that is connected to the Change Order within an Email. I have a Mulitple Notification on the Change Order Workflow Tasks, in my Notifications 'Message Template' I want to specify a specific tasks Assignee or group name within an email.   When I… (Show more)
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Lenn Thompson
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Ujwol Shrestha
IssueChanges made to login/passwords forms (login.fcc, smpwservices.fcc etc) are not reflected immediately in the browser. EnvironmentWeb Agent : r12.5 and above CauseThere are many things that could go wrong here.  For e.g FCC forms (pages with .fcc extension or any other extension as specified in FCCExt ACO parameter) are cached by default by… (Show more)
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Hello everyone,   i have a question regarding ITAM - SDM integraton. Is it possible to integrate SDM version 14.1.04 and ITAM version 17.0.   We have a production SDM and would like to integrate with latest version of ITAM. Also, plan is to upgrade SDM to 17.0, would there be any effects on production it this scenario.   Thanks in advance.  … (Show more)
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patsa06   I strongly believe we need to get rid of the CA Adapter's StateManager component from the Advanced Authentication stack when integrating CA Advanced Authentication (AA) with CA SSO. Details are as below..   How to Implement: After Strong Authentication (CA AuthID validation) is a success (in AFM), use SiteMinder Agent API to pass the…
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Can you please restore the ability to search for a specific fix?   For example, I want to go directly to the information / download page for fix RO96849. Currently I cannot type this into a search box and go straight to the fix like I could previously. I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to find the information page for this fix. Thankfully…
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Hi Guys,   we are implementing CA Advanced Authentication 8.2.1. and have below requirement   We want to reissue the OTP to the user on his backup device, when first device mobile/email is not able to receive the OTP.   What we have observed in the Product is, whenever a re-issue OTP is triggered it resets the count to 0. lets say below: auth… (Show more)
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