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Hi everyone,   do you know any way to xog write a carry return in a text field? I've been looking through the communities and I couldn't find anything related   Regards!
Top 10 Things Every CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) User Should Know   No matter how much or how long you have been working with CA Agile Central (formerly Rally), there may still be tips, tricks and information that you have yet to learn and benefit from. Join Peggy Graham (Technical Customer Success Manager) who will share ten valuable pieces…
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Good morning,   I'm trying to improve horizontal clustering on Service Catalog v14.1 using the CA Online Guide. How can i see if the implementation goes well? Thanks  Marco Taverniti
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Hi all,   I am executing some Selenium tests and I am getting the below error now.It was working fine until yesterday with same configurations. I have used all chrome driver versions from 2.24 to 2.9 but nothing worked.Also I tried to use the Firefox and Internet Explorer also but I am getting the same error for these browsers also. Hence need… (Show more)
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We know that Load balancer can yous /ssg/ping to health check GW.  Is there a way to return  Not OK or disable /ssg/ping for only the first node of a 9.2.3 GW cluster?
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Hi guys, Customer want move proxying of his application from ReverseProxy on  Apache Web Server to CA Access Gateway (12.52 SP1). Current working rules on Apache WS are:       RewriteRule ^/sigedes/(.*) ajp://$1 [P]     ProxyPassReverse /sigedes ajp://   I tried with following… (Show more)
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Hi Team,   Please provide an option to use screen logical attributes as part of Policy based workflows configurations for approval policies in events tab for tasks and inside workflow template configurations. This is is useful to take certain decisions at task level  instead of going to workflow scripts. This will eliminate of creating workflow…
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Say form the request, I have an argument InputA. I'm trying to incorporate that value into the JSON response which is in JSON format by giving {{response_InputA}} in the 'value' field of the JSON Tree.    When I return back to the request after toggling to other images or when re-logging into workstation, theJSON response vanishes, leaving behind… (Show more)
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