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Announcement 1 Community Platform Migration Scheduled for Early June
Lenn Thompson
Click to view contentAs you all probably know by now, CA Technologies has been acquired by Broadcom. As part of this transition, the CA Communities will be merging with the existing Broadcom Communities and moving to a new platform on June 6, 2019.   The new platform is called Higher Logic and this is the platform that the CA Communities were likely going to be moving…
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Manoj Kaveri
Can we convert ACCESS method from VSAM to OSAM during CA FFOR IMS using OLDDBD ? I am getting U4021 abend during conversion and my DBDSRC is not using any exit routines, whether its problem related to DBDSRC ?   ITKC804W UNEQUAL DBD COMPARE OCCURRED AT OFFSET=X'000050'. NEW DBD="BPOOP0 " NEW DDN=IMS , OLD DBD="BPOOP0 " OLD DDN=OLDDDNAM… (Show more)
   Hi Team,   We do have A scenario where we are giving one Service Account at the parent level and if the Workflow in the Parent chain gets failed then we are planning to run it with different Service Account in same chain but while we are restarting the failed Workflow it is Still picking the same the Parent chain Service account.Can Some one… (Show more)
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Hi Team, Currently in our environment we are using r14.1 SD in AA configuration and below is the scenario: 1. Our organisation has two companies(eg: ABC & XYZ) who are currently using the same SD instance. Both companies have different set of categories. There is no multi-tenancy.   2. Now company XYZ is planning to have a separate r14.1… (Show more)
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Hi, We are trying to use rally-app-builder to develop rally app. But after running the developed html code on browser, we are getting 403 error.
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Team,   I am trying to launch/access the TEWS URL,but unable to generate the wsdl or import the WSDL to SOAP UI.   Please provide your inputs.   Thanks, Dev
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Click to view contentIn order to provide the same great functionality in our quick detail panel (QDP) as well as provide a more performant editor, we have released a new full detail panel (FDP) experience!   … (Show more)
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