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Hello Everyone,   I am getting below error while I am trying to start/stop Apache after installation of webagent.   Error: httpd: Syntax error on line 66 of /software/bea/apache/2.4.29/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load /software/bea/CA/webagent/bin/ into server: /software/bea/CA/webagent/bin/ undefined symbol:… (Show more)
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Hi,  I have few queries about the scope and behaviour of testExec object. The documentation of testExec does not seem to clarify these.    What is the scope of testExec object? when we set State values using TestExec and access them in the following Steps, during concurrent hits on the Virtual Service, will the testExec object scope be common to… (Show more)
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Dear Folks,   Please Help Urgent!!   One of my customer is having tomcat 7.0.85 application server on CentOS 7.1.1503. I am checking the compatibility CA APM 10.7 agent but i couldn't find it in compatibility guide. Can anyone confirm if our agent is compatible to support tomcat on CentOS before I confirm the same to customer ?   Thanks,… (Show more)
Mark Ireland
My idea is that we should offer a formal training course around the usage of ARD. This would not be technically based, but cover aspects of developing standards, processes best practices.   Over the course of my last few ARD engagements I have put together a mini course (Which I will formalise with PPT etc when time allows". This obviously will…
Hi,   In 15.4 New UX, for Task we have three options, Phase,Task,Milestone.   Is there any way to hide 'Phase' value from drop down?   Thanks in Advance. Deepak
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Would anyone have the steps to follow to automatically open tickets in CASD for failed UC4 mainframe jobs? I know that we open tickets automatically for other scheduling packages based off of messages in the log, but since UC4 is server based with only an agent on the mainframe we are not seeing the same kind of messages in the log
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Martin Svidrnoch
Hi,    I have some strange behaviour in MQ for sysview.  In joblog i dont have any errors    GSVX702I(MQSDATA) IBM MQ monitoring for Qmgr MQLT connected GSVX702I(MQSDATA) IBM MQ monitoring for Qmgr MQL1 connected   and everything looks nice and working,       but.... when i try to put cmd MQRSUMM or MQRTRACE I got  not active or  qmgr not… (Show more)
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