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We have recently migrated form Autosys 4.5 version to R11.3.6 SP6 but now wanted to apply the new patch i.e. AE R11.3.6 SP7 as some delete function not working as expected in SP6.   Can we be able to apply the patch to both EP and Agents at the same time or can we have Newer Agent Software to be install in the client machine ?   Need to know the… (Show more)
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Client putting in lots of that and currently tool sees these as " GnSNMPDev " I need these certified and also certified in NCM. Attached is the snmp walk for this type of device.
Hello everyone,   I have a problem executing a javascript code into a task in CA Identity Suite. The idea of the code is display the 1st letter of the first name, 4 char of the first  surname and the 1st letter of the secod surname + the autoincrement number.    When I execute the code displays me only 1 number. It seems like it is not… (Show more)
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We need to monitor our project to see if any new user stores and defects are added/deleted or changed.  Can anyone suggest the best approach to retrieving this data?   Thank You Kathy
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Improve Planning and Resource Allocation with Capacity Planning + Plan Progression   Do you want to improve the planning of your quarterly releases by being able to create ‘what if’ scenarios that can show your stakeholders the best way to allocate your resources? Would you like to be able to understand not only what work you planned for a…
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How to issue alerts in the vantage, monitoring Storage Groups and forward these alerts to Spectrum through an SNMP TRAP.   My version is R12.6.   The UNICSNMP parameter in the VKGPARMS member is already set with the Spectrum server IP.
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Hi Everyone,   We tried to make a total memory usage from two servers and we managed to create the query, but we cannot create an alarm if the results of the query exceed the threshold. Can CA UIM create a new alarm based on that SQL query output?   This is the query :   select top 1 (samplevalue+    (select top 1 samplevalue    from… (Show more)
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Hi - we have just had an issue resolved by CA support regarding the startup of JBOSS 6.4 (standalone) with APM 10.7 javaagent enabled   JBoss EAP 6.x fails to initialize with log message "WARNING: Failed to load the specified log manager class org.jboss.lo…  - this gives a lot of detail to the issue and the workaround.   Although the fix works,… (Show more)