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My prod MoM (EM) server has come under a Nessus scan vulnerability that needs immediate remediation. I've opened up a case but not getting anywhere. So reaching out to the community. Surprisingly my DEV Env MoM (EM) is identical to Prod MoM yet that server didn't get hit with that vulnerability.   Since this is security hit for my org, it

Hello,   The jobs on the machine are failing with (Rescheduled by the agent, profile could not be found) when the profile is used and also when the profile is removed the jobs still fail with exit code 2, there are no error and output logs created nor the spool logs.   Job Name Last Start Last End ST Run/Ntry Pri/Xit
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Hi team,   Currently I have integrated APM with LDAP. The authentication works correctly, but I have created the users in the domain file. Now, I would like to eliminate the users, and place groups so that the administration becomes easier. I did the tests adding the group, but when the user that is in the group of the LDAP, gives error.