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Announcement 1 CA Communities Migration Update: Important Dates and a Reminder
Announcement 2 Migration Reminder: For Your CA Communities Account to be Migrated to the New Platform, Please Log In ASAPAnnouncement count

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SAPRFCException: Error: Type:null Number:34 Message:Internal problem (function BAPI_XBP_JOB_START_ASAP) can anyone guide me on this error? is it related to authority issue?   background - executing SAP jobs from Automic using XBP

Hi, This is foot prints integration with ITSM If we update in our ITSM it should be reflected in footprints side based on our mail eater configuration. Here there is no issue with mail eater. But in certain cases it is not getting updated in other side . I am getting below error in log while trying to update. ERROR     
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Hello,   We are using the 'classic workflow' component of Change Orders in SDM 12.9.   Currently any analyst can complete a change workflow task.   I want to detect any change workflow tasks that were not completed by either the assignee, or a member of the delegated group.   I have a BOXI CABI report that shows when the