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For Example value of an integer field named 'Alignment' needs to update to blank value from for a integer value.   if the alignment is set alignment = "" as follows : <Project projectID="14" name="Kovair Project 1mn Mod" alignment=""> Following error is thrown :  attribute "alignment" has a bad value: "" does not satisfy

Is it possible to XOG OBS Unit Access right - Resource: Edit Calendar? Thanks in Advance
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with Spectrum NCM it is possible to setup up NCM policies, which check for specific entries in the device configuration and to start automatic repair actions. But it is necessary to confirm the repair action for each single device. It would be an improvement, if the operator could configure if he likes to confirm the corrective action for each
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Hello team   RHEL PPM 15.5.0   We are trying to upgrade to the new release 15.6 But we have a strange error:   We are using JAVA 11. Our gateway.xml seems ok   3/18/19 3:06 PM (ExecTask) 3/18/19 3:06 PM (ExecTask) installsteps: 3/18/19 3:06 PM (ExecTask) Internal error. See output above for more info. 3/18/19 3:06 PM