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Announcement 1 CA Support Online has changed
Announcement:CA Support Online has changed

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Hi team, we've just implemented CA Client Automation (the CA IT Inventory Management part r14.1) and we would like to integrate it with the CA SDM CMDB (r17). The goal is to populate the assets discovered by ITIM agents to the CA CDMB.   Both CA SDM and CA ITIM share the same mdb.   Can anyone suggest some DOC? I've found some green

Hi All,   I am using on demand portal. Actuals are coming from third party tool by using interface. We have created one custom object to store the values which we are getting from interface Actuals are posting by using transaction XOG IN. The actuals which are received from third party may change by day by day and month by month.  
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Hi Team, we are using APMSQL to make some querys and sometimes the connection between client JDBC (Squirrel, for example) and APMSQL it was broken. This broken connections stay in background execution and I can't make new querys because the clamp was reached. Has any way of kill this connections?   Thanks, Vinícius Campelo