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While SDM can be configured to prevent editing of inactive tickets, ticket relationship editing should apply to a different rule.   - editing an active ticket should allow to attach an inactive ticket as child, because ticket dependencies can be discovered at a point in time where the early issues were resolved/closed with a workaround.  Applying…
We have upgraded to 15.3 and when we ran Load Data warehouse job with full load it is failing with the below error, can any one help on this.   ERROR 2017-10-16 10:17:56,611 [Dispatch Load Data Warehouse : (tenant=clarity)] dwh.event ETL Job Failed. Log details below: 2017/10/16 10:17:56 - dwh_db_check_ - ERROR (version… (Show more)
The following case occurred during a break after our Data Sherlock led a breakout session at a regional Splunk event. A client patiently waited to talk to him and when she did she was clearly flustered and launched right into her pressing topic.   She indicated that her company has been a happy Splunk client for five years and that they… (Show more)
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I have completed CA IDM 12.x  proven professionals Certification exam on 10/2/2017, still the Certification badge for CA Communities is still not available to view.   Thanks, Santhosh
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This is continuation from Federation Starters 6   SAML2 Post and Artifact profiles are both covered now. Next is to demonstrate the SLO.   In case of SLO, I will firstly demonstrate One IDP vs One SP SLO use case. After that I will add one more SP and demonstrate how it works differently.   It will get a bit complicated but fiddler trace will… (Show more)
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Dear Support,   As per the support team requested, we have raised enhancement request.   we need to generate the uptime report for servers and network devices.   We are trying get through CDM probe but it's showing in seconds.   Also we need to generate uptime report through RSP probe or snmpcollector probe.     Regards, Murugesan.M Locuz.
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Hi,   Is it possible to lock a time scaled value in cost plan detail? or make it read only?   I have added a custom TSV field - "Baseline" to Cost Plan Detail object and am displaying it in "Amounts by Period" also. My requirement is to copy value from planned cost into this field on-demand. I am able to achieve that via xog. But I also need to… (Show more)
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  Hi, I am trying to xog in transactions and getting below error..   <ErrorInformation> <Severity>FATAL</Severity> <Description>Inbound Transaction Object Insert failed</Description> <Exception><![CDATA[ java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into… (Show more)
Hi All,   We are on demand (SaaS). As part of our new requirement we are trying to find out if we can develop a Jaspersoft Report which would found all due timesheet for non-closed (past + present time periods and not future open time periods) and show the data based on that (e.g. we want to show 3 months in past if there is any overdue timesheet… (Show more)
I need to add a new tab in the incident object layout but I can't find it anywhere... is there somewhere I can customize this layout?   Thanks!
I 'm troubleshooting a process. I included debug points in the gel script. I would like to see the debug in the logs. I would like to change the log level to "debug" in the NSA on the logs configuration tab 1- Which settings should I change? 2- Which log file (admin.log , app-ca.log etc..) will capture the process logs?   when processes are… (Show more)
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I want to retain the sort by Modified on date/time from workbench session to session.  It always resets to sort by name.
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