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Lenn Thompson
Welcome to the NEW CA Mainframe Communities -- where information on dozens of CA mainframe products can be found within nearly a dozen communities. In each community, you'll find CA product experts and fellow users sharing their experiences and expertise -- all in the interest of collaboration and mutual success.   To make it easier for you to…
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Hi,   when trying to delete a tag, I'm getting the following error:     I'm using ""  and the issue is occuring on several processes, so it's not only just one single tag of a process that throws this error.   Anyone seen this one?   thanks, Michael
in CA Release Automation
Hi    Is it possible to get rid of name of component for FQDN hostname domain  such as "" and metric component name (CPU core) on IM-Trend Dashboard?   If so, please advise.   Regards Francis
in Performance Management
There is no able to pick "Team" from the 'Object type' list when creating the process.
Winshuttle simplifies SAP business processes by providing automated solutions for data movement, workflow applications and data governance. The tool can also be used for transactional updates like tariff etc. in SAP. Is it possible to use the tool to update tariffs in CA PPM as well? Is the tool compatible with CA PPM or recommended to be used?… (Show more)
I have searched the communities and found tons and tons of information about the calculation of NPV & IRR. But here I want to know how to get the value of the NPV & IRR from the FINANCIAL ROLLUP (hierarchy page) of an investment.   I don't believe it is stored, but calculated, and It doesn't seem to be simply the sum of all the NPV's / IRR's of… (Show more)
Can we perform Data Bulking or Data Multiplying on flat files?
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I have question around “Access-Control-Allow-Origin” header.   We are doing a POC for one of our customers in AWS environment. We have created a siteminder domain to protect a dummy page in SPS server. When accessing from my laptop browser (I have entries in my hosts file to point to I can see… (Show more)
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Hello guys, I'm having trouble setting up transparent login, rpd applications, using the firewall checkpoint client, have you ever done such a setup? If yes, can you send me the xml code? thank you!
We are recommending the following enhancements to the OTP Support provided in the 14.x:   1) Enable the user to select whether to verify their identity via Q&A, OTP, or PIN (configurable option) 2) Upon selecting OTP, enable the user to select how the OTP is distributed to them: by email (whether primary or alternate to be used); by SMS text…
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日本のお客様のお問合せの中から有用な情報を英文技術文書として随時公開しています。以下はその一覧です。   Components Document ID Title Web Agent TEC1701466 The sequence of Cookie Provider structure in use of Form Authentication. TEC1698396 About DisAllowUTF8NonCanonical in ACO parameter. TEC1378153 WebAgent reject encoded request contained "%c0" in URL. TEC1089812 About detail of Shared Secret…
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Sascha Preibisch
Hi everyone!  Just in time for the weekend I have published a new tutorial that shows in detail how to build APIs that retrieve resources from a local datasource or a remote API. As an example I am accessing a database.   The shown building blocks allow a developer to implement APIs without having to know where the resources are located. The… (Show more)
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