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i need to do a one time upload of test cases from excel into rally is there a way to do it other than using the connector  excel upload is too tedious for large numbers
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Is there any View or a Report available to see the Team Calendar? I mean to see the unavailability of resources due to their leave records or allocation to the other activities, how can I see a Calendar of the team like Outlook weekly/monthly calendar for the team?   Thanks
We are not getting any option to Copy Paste files / folders from desktop to server accessed from CA PAM directly Text copy paste is possible  Drive mapping is like a work around .   Please provide the solution where we can copy paste files folders directly .
Good day:   I currently have a client who wants to make the discovery of privileged accounts within the Oracle, MySQL and MSSQL databases.   I think it would be very good characteristics to make the discovery of accounts in automatic.   Greetings.
As of now CA PAM is only able to do multiple approvers but all at the same level.   For example, a password view request is sent to Approver A and B. If either of them approves it , the password view request is then approved.   This is the currently flow of Dual Authorization in CA PAM.   CA PAM can improved by doing multiple level approval.  …
Due to security restrictions at customer site, customer needs that the data being copied from a PAM Browser session can be only pasted to the same PAM Browser session.   Enabling the "Applet Copy and Paste" feature in the PAM Server Global Settings, the operators can also copy and paste the applet copied content outside the applet and vice-versa,…
We are attempting to integrated the authentication at the CENTOS level of our API Gateway 9.2 appliance with the customer's LDAP using the SSGCONFIG menu.  We specify all parameters as we know to be correct and yet it fails to authenticate the user.   Network traces show that CENTOS is successfully binding to the LDAP server with DN and password… (Show more)
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I work in MainFrame environment and I wonder how can I use the product "CA Gen Workstation cross Generation to OS/390"    thanks
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Vaibhav Vir Singh
Team, Anyone used Python Script to extract Wily Data (postgres) ? I have used R-Script where I used IntroscopeJDBC.jar file with RJDBC package for data extraction.   But did anyone tried extracting using Python? [not via WSDL or webservice]   Appreciate your help.   Regards, Vaibhav
Hi Team,   Currently we have MoM on windows environment, we  want to move this on unix environment, please suggest how we can do this , what approach should be followed for the same. Let me know if any further information required. APM 10.7   Thanks
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My infrastructure team is asking this direct question about zookeeper and Vmotion playing nice together.  Another team  has asked for the zookeeper to be hosted without Vmotion and they want to know if this hold true for AOP as well.    Is this a situation where it's not a best practice to have Elastic, Kafka, Zookeeper on Vmotion by the nature… (Show more)
Summary  TLI log files do not print any details of transactions anymore (possibly this was removed in rewrite of agent in R12 or move to framework agent).   I think we either need to deprecate it and remove it entirely, or better still restore it so that it does log the send and received packet details from communication on that socket to the…
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Hi,   can we use Postgresql database in a clustered environment?? Will I face some issues,please suggest   Regards Imran
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