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When working with a cluster, it would be useful to know which ssg database (Primary or secondary) is the active database and some indication of the replication status. This would be  a useful addition when testing failover as well as monitoring productions status.  
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When we decided to use the ca api gateway as standard api endpoint for our clients, we were told that the apigw is able to act as a load balancer. As it is mentioned in the documentation (   "Random Sticky…
After enabling modern user experience, we are seeing below issue -   When users click on timesheet, some are able to see only Work to Timesheet tab and not able to view Assigned Tasks tab. This is happening when user has all set up in place -   task assigned task open for time entry task duration valid resource active/open for TE project… (Show more)
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We are current evaluating certain feature of v15.5.1 for a planned upgrade in April 2019.  We are currrently on v15.1 patch 8 using the Classic UI.      We are seeking to enable NUE when we upgrade to v15.5.1 but would like to inquire about the Project Time gauge on the new Timesheet.  How can we utilize this gauge.  I ask becuase all of our… (Show more)
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Hello,   With DevTest 10.3, we made an Ansible script to deploy EDB and other components automatically and to configure them (using silent installation, services,  .xml/.properties/.vmoptions files).   We'd like to do it for Virtual Service Catalog and Identity and Access Manager. But it is not possible because : - there is no silent…
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Hello Everybody,   I attended a Composer 4 Training in 1998, I have the training material and the models used in the training. Now I'm reviewing the material to refresh my knowledge of CA Gen after all these years, especially after providing CA Gen 8.6 Free edition for training and studying purposes. I no longer have and access to Composer 4.0.… (Show more)
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If you configure email notifications in password view policy it send notifications when a user view a password in clear and when the user access to a system with this password (PAM inyect the password and the user have no acces to it in clear). It could be usefull to split this email notification into two diferent configuration in order to able…
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Hi ,   Lac Version: 3.1 User Case: Currently we are fetching three row from db1 and inserting the same in db2. The Primary key on both the DB is the same req_id. When we fetched the Row from db1 it gives us 100 to 1000 of records, the same needs to be inserted in the DB2. At first, the API is executed and records are fetched and inserted in… (Show more)
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Hi     I am trying to install web UI ssl certificate in CA Vapp. while trying to generate keystore i am getting error,   Error: keytool error: IAM*** (Permission denied)              Do we have to give any extra permission or do we have to perform this operation with any specific user. As i am trying this task… (Show more)
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We have Solaris 10 servers and CA APM 10.2 I need to monitor CPU and memory and looking scripts for EPAgent.
Hi, We change the CNAME for the access to the API Portal, but how we can change the domain in the activation link in the email that is sent when a new user is created? Also we need change the signature of the email, how can we do it? Thanks & Regards
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