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Hi, I want to give permission to specific role to create new contact .lets say Role A can now only search contacts but is not able to create new contact.So I want to show that create new button for Role A , so that It can create new contact as well. How to achieve that?   Thanks Ishani
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Here, our motto is to connect to MongoDB from LISA DevTest and retrieve data based on some selection and also wants to update same DB.   Did anyone tried this option ? If so, please help 
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Hi guys,   I'm working on a JMS communication based service where messages have headers, properties and xml body.   The service receives a message from a queue, creates a response xml and sends the message (with other headers and properties) on another queue.   I've verified that I can set a response JMS property using a value from request xml… (Show more)
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Hi guys, Customer want move proxying of his application from ReverseProxy on  Apache Web Server to CA Access Gateway (12.52 SP1). Current working rules on Apache WS are:       RewriteRule ^/sigedes/(.*) ajp://$1 [P]     ProxyPassReverse /sigedes ajp://   I tried with following… (Show more)
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There are a lot of cases when servers were discovered as snmp models and then as virtual machines (by using the VCAIM for example) and those models are seen as two different models, and in most of thoses cases, a "Duplicate IP detected" alarm is generated. Upgrading ICMP-only models (under VMWare modeling control) is not effective, as it has to…
Some dialects of SQL include a scalar function IF(x, y, z) (sometimes called IFF()), where the function returns y if x is TRUE and z otherwise. CA-IDMS/SQL has no such function. Such a function can be useful if you want to translate a code into a more descriptive column value without having to create a related table. For example, assume the… (Show more)
I want to implement CI and CD using CA Harvest, Jenkins, Sonar, Docker, Selenium and JMeter. I have infrastructure but instead of harvest I have subversion. The only documentation that I found is this:…    I really apreciate… (Show more)
I am curious as to what CI tools others are using with Harvest, and how they have their environment set up. I.e. are you using Harvest as the SCM and the binary repo or using GIT as a SCM with Jenkins and Harvest as a binary repo. We are really trying to implement CI and looking at a couple different formats.
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Hi Team,   Please provide an option to use screen logical attributes as part of Policy based workflows configurations for approval policies in events tab for tasks and inside workflow template configurations. This is is useful to take certain decisions at task level  instead of going to workflow scripts. This will eliminate of creating workflow…
Hi experts,   I would like to know if there is some way to make a filtered explore. I have an AD connector which explores an OU, which in turn has a lot of users.   I need to do some kind of filtered exploration, for example, looking for users who has sAMAccountName=js* or individual users like sAMAccountName=jsosa. This is because we have to… (Show more)
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If we want to use the FILE_TRIGGER job type and detect a file named Filename_YYMMDDSS.eof, once detected we would like to change eof in the filename to dat (Filename_YYMMDDSS.dat) and pass it to the next job, how can we accomplish this using ESP?    Thanks, Sharon  
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Hi experts,   I created an OS400 Endpoint. Explore and correlation worked fine, as I have several new global users with OS400 accounts.   But when I try to unlock any of them, I receive 'locked' is not a property of OS400.Account   Do you know what can be happening? This is the OOTB installed connector, only created the Endpoint (no ssl for now).… (Show more)
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We are migrating over to a new windows login server (12.52 SP1 web agent). When migrating a policy using a very simple regex in the rule, authentication stopped working. The rule had been working for several years without a problem. When I removed the regex and replaced it with "/*" everything worked fine. Don't have logs. Has anyone experienced… (Show more)
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