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Hi,   Is there any option/report to find the number of hubs connected to primary hub and tunnels installed and fail over hubs . Pls help.
how to export  all organizations/Applications  usage reports(Weekly/monthly/daily) into excel sheet in API Dev Portal ? If we have this option, please help us.
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It would be very helpfull to have a Unified Dashboard in UMP to show the data provided by xenapp probe. Actually only a dashboard for xenserver probe is available.
I have need to use both Default Disks and Disks profile types in my environment, but the functionality is not equivalent.   Default Disks allows me to select the threshold based on percentage or megabytes, and it also allows me to select the alarm severity.  The Disks profile type allows me to specify different metrics on individual disks, but…
Hello everyone.   Most of you may know me as an iOS guy and I certainly am. However, I do like to learn new things and push myself off my comfort zone. Well, this just happened  I was working with one of our customers and had to build a sample app using Android. Personally I don't like this mobile platform, but I have to say that it has changed a…
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StephaneMOLDOCH4453211 norre01 sridevi.kanchustambham layer 7 gateway jdbc query Hi,   I am trying to query a MySQL RDS Database using Query JDBC assertion, but the result i get is in BLOB(binary) format. i even tried CASTING it with following query: SELECT CAST(<column_Name> AS CHAR(10000) CHARACTER SET utf8) FROM <table_name>; but the… (Show more)
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What runtime libraries are needed for EEM on Linux Redhat 7.2? I've added bzip2 32bit, and glibc-32bit-2.22-4.3.1.x86_64. I'm hoping there is a list that I've overlooked.
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Rachel Macik
A faster way to solve your technical issues. Technical Support Chat is routed directly to Support Engineers. New hours: 3am - 6pm US Eastern. STEP 1 - Open a CaseLogin to CA Support with your enterprise site ID and Open a New Case STEP 2 Select your product and version number, the Chat Icon will appear when a Support Engineer is available…
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Hi...   Hi having a problem were i cannot find a solution, can anyone help??   this is the error   "TIRM030E: Application failed - Updates have been backed out TIRM031E: Failing procedure exit data follows: TIRM032E: Last or current action block id = 0955644117 TIRM033E: Last or current action block name = RS_C_3RD_AC_PB_FCO_CLICK TIRM034E: Last… (Show more)
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I'd like to Stop/Cancel Deployment which is in Pending state. Right now I can only start it and then 'Stop'. But it's not optimal, because it's possible that some of the actions are executed.
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Hi All,   We are creating VSIs using Request/Response pairs using service Image Manager and wanted to set few fields in request with comparison operator as "Anything". Is is possible to do so if we updated something Request xmls before generating VSI?    Please suggest an approach for this.
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I have integrated CA EEM with Microsoft Active Directory and able to get all the data . Now when i'm syncing the COntacts in CA Asset Portfolio Management, the only contact details I'm getting is the User First Name Last Name and UserID. I checked the Import File Created for this and only this detail is coming in that.   Can anyone put some… (Show more)
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Hi,   We are using CA UIM Version - 8.51   We want to know how to create custom graphical report from CABI. We successfully created tabular reports. We want to create reports for following UIM QOS matrices like.     QOS_CPU_UTILIZATION QOS_INTERFACE_BITSIN QOS_INTERFACE_BITSOUT     Please help   Best Regards Amit        
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