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Rajashekar Allala
Click to view contentHi All,   I am trying to configure a log monitoring in eHealth with the below regular expression and I see that, SysEDGE is not accepting the regex. Whereas, when I checked in multiple RegEx test tools, the below RegEx worked   ERROR App.Log(?!(.*connecting to the IMAP.*|.*No SSN present.*))   SysedgeAddLogmonEntryEx(): Invalid logfile monitor… (Show more)
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Business case We do not care to receive alarms from lower level devices at some of our remote branches. We would like to accomplish one of the following. Place the global collection containing the devices in scheduled maintenance mode Ignore alarm creation for devices in that global collection for x time (we are looking at outside of business… (Show more)
in CA Spectrum
Hi,   I was configuring the Transparent Login on CA Privileged Access Manager to access and Microsoft SQL Management Studio, I follow the steps of but not work, my question is. The Transparent Login works in Windows Server 2016? because in says the suport goes to Windows Server 2012.   Thanks,
Date:     September 19th, 2017 To:         CA Client Automation, CA IT Client Manager and CA IT Inventory Manager Customers From:     The CA Technologies Client Automation Product Team Subject: General Availability Announcement for CA Client Automation 14.0 SP2   On behalf of CA Technologies, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to…
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Hello Experts,   We use properties under Request/Incident/Problem Area. I created a property and associated with a Property validation rule (dropdown). The validation rule having a default value. However when I am trying to create a new Incident with that same Incident Area, the default property dropdown value is not auto field.   I tried with… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
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Hi All,    Many of PC dashboards are showing no data to display ,after re-discovering the reports starts populating .What it is happening one or two devices is fine ,bulk how it is possible for all devices .
in CA Performance Management
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Hi Team ,   We do have a scenario where where Multiple If conditions to be called in Pre process tab of a unix Job .Can i know how we can call them.   As of now I know how to make a Single If -else condition
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Today autotrack will tell you that a calendar was changed, who changed it and when, which is great. It would be nice if it would also say what dates were added/removed.
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Hi, I am trying create a dashboard on a 3rd party tool and want to show dashboard metrics on it. Approach i am following is  1. login api call 2. metrics api call   however when i do login api call,  I am getting  Request URL: Request Method: OPTIONS Status Code: 405 Method Not Allowed is there a way… (Show more)
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It is not unusual for metric IDs for probe profiles to change on a robot.  This causes numerous issues for correlation within USM due to a mismatched ci_metric_id between S_QOS_DATA and CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC.    This typically results in a support call, where the standard procedure is to run a SQL UPDATE query to set the ci_metric_id to…
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Hi All,   We are going to stop all the jobs belonging to particular SAP system by changing global variable to 1. We have doubt that after we change global variable back to 0, how can we avoid jobs to run by taking account of their previous job condition as success. Please let us know if there is any way. Thanks.
in CA Workload Automation
Hi Everyone,   Is there any way we can expose the third party SOAP URL through process within CA PPM ? If yes, please provide a sample or input ?
in Clarity PPM
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