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dont know if this is the correct community to ask about CA NFA.   I just want to understand the direction of NFA vs others (like Solarwinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer).   NetFlow Traffic Analyzer can help you:   Identify the cause of high bandwidth usage Save money by optimizing bandwidth allocation and priorities before purchasing more… (Show more)
404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Attached is the log file   Can anyone who has faced the same issue.Kindly help   Thanks in advance 
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Every minute or so, the AWI log shows these messages: 2018-06-06 11:23:48,527 pool-1-thread-1        [TRACE] NOSESSION/- NOUI   [ork.entrypoint.servlet.ECCServletService] - requestEnd null 2018-06-06 11:23:48,527 pool-1-thread-1        [TRACE] NOSESSION/- NOUI   [rypoint.maintenance.SessionCleanupThread] - Ignoring expected NPE caused by request… (Show more)
Automation Engine v12.1 introduced the GENERATE_UNDEFINED_SCRIPT_VARS system setting. When this setting set to Y, variables that have not already been defined do not cause syntax errors when they are used in scripts. This also faciliates using the new  GENERATE_SCRIPT_VARS script function to generate script variables based on the keys and values…
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How to issue alerts in the vantage, monitoring Storage Groups and forward these alerts to Spectrum through an SNMP TRAP.   My version is R12.6.   The UNICSNMP parameter in the VKGPARMS member is already set with the Spectrum server IP.
Hello Team,   I have configured my logs as such that all logs are getting stored at External Database. Now currently i am seeing logs for all policies/services are getting capture on my external DB.   My requirement is : Is it possible that if i want to debug the policy 'A' ,at that time i should stop the complete logs of rest of all policies in… (Show more)
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Hi Everyone,   We tried to make a total memory usage from two servers and we managed to create the query, but we cannot create an alarm if the results of the query exceed the threshold. Can CA UIM create a new alarm based on that SQL query output?   This is the query :   select top 1 (samplevalue+    (select top 1 samplevalue    from… (Show more)
I would like to select what metrics to be displayed on top when viewing a node in USM. Currently only the standard QoS metrics are shown ( CPU, Memory, availability, etc). These can not be customised in anyway. With reference to support-case 01085487 ----------- UIM 8.51   I have certified a new device using the Self-certification portlet. The…
Currently HA probe manages to transfer all core Nimsoft services from the main NMS to HA NMS, but then the high availability breaks down when wasp loses its connection to the original data_engine location. Now we need manually reconfigure the wasp and restart it to bring it back online again. It would add a huge positive kick to ha features if the…
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Hi - we have just had an issue resolved by CA support regarding the startup of JBOSS 6.4 (standalone) with APM 10.7 javaagent enabled   JBoss EAP 6.x fails to initialize with log message "WARNING: Failed to load the specified log manager class org.jboss.lo…  - this gives a lot of detail to the issue and the workaround.   Although the fix works,… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am using CA APM 10.5.1. Currently we have a problem with team center that showing no data. It happened intermittently, and in the IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log I see some exceptions like this:   8/18/17 11:55:50.654 AM ICT [WARN] [Central Fast Correlation incubator queue consumer thread] [Manager.AppMap] Exception when processing… (Show more)
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Client putting in lots of that and currently tool sees these as " GnSNMPDev " I need these certified and also certified in NCM. Attached is the snmp walk for this type of device.
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