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Is there any way to delete or flush the Performance data related to servers alone which are installed with system edge in remote poller for all the servers at a time.
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Hi , I am using otk 4.1 and i want to store a custom value in the custom column when a token is generated and retrieve it when the token is checked in the next call. Any ideas of how to implement this .
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We are getting SSL connectivity issue between remote hub and primary hub.     hub: SSL handshake start from before/accept initialization  hub: SSL state (accept): before/accept initialization hub: ssl_server_wait - SSL_accept error (5) on new SSL connection:   Please let me know if you have encountered this type… (Show more)
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How can I use Spectrum to alert me if this process stops on CA PM so an alert can be created?  Anything out of the box?     Do not see anything to match this process under System Resource sub-view in Spectrum for this SNMP managed Linux host which is the CA PM Data Collector.     [user@itgc2l000011 ~]$ sudo /etc/init.d/dcmd status [sudo]… (Show more)
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Can any one help in creating test cases for virtual service created through swagger? it gives me some junk test data for the testcases when i created virtual service through swagger. Is there a way to restrict/manipulate the data from any external file or through the tool. And there are around 8 testcases added for by default by the tool when… (Show more)
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I am discovering that all job types are not created equally. success_codes/fail_codes should be supported by all job types. destination file or std_out/std_err should be supported by all job types. I fully understand the new job types come from Cybermation. destination file and success/fail_codes were attributes from that.. so why is it that not…
In Portal 9.1 version, it is not possible to have Session Data and Inspection Windows opened simultaneously. One have to close one to open the other .... It is much more usable in Console, where these windows are managed as Tab: so having as many view opened as needed and easy to switch between. As such our users won't use the Portal if user…
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I thought I read that SP7 was coming out last week?  I do not see it in the download page.    Is there a new date?
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I was recently contacted by a teammate regarding an issue with an AutoSys command job.  It seemed the job was failing, but no log was being created.  This had him stumped.  Upon a little investigation I found that there was an issue in that the path to the log (std_err_file / std_out_file) was incorrect.    I would like to propose that there be a…
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Hi, I am getting message when executing request MQ -   Verifying Asset No input/output options specified, opening REQ.V1 for output. Success: class   And when i am trying to execute test script using stub then response is showing NO DATA. I am not sure whether NO DATA is due to above problem or there is any other issue. When i… (Show more)
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When developing custom probes that use SNMP all necessary info should be available in the NIS database. Unfortunately the SNMP community string/password is stored encrypted. As far as we know there is no way to decrypt is since it is encrypted with a non-public password.   We need the ability to extract the snmp info from the database and…
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