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Use SSH protocol to upload Large Files to CA Support

Blog Post created by Alan Baugher Employee on May 10, 2018



During service engagements, we may ask clients to upload large files, either a complete J2EE deployment to validate cluster configuration (using health checking tools) or large debug files.


While the CA Support Site does offer both a "light-weight" and full Java module to upload files, there is an alternative process you may find of value.


Use of any ftp client tool, that will allow SSH protocol (for security), can be used for CA Support Site.


One advantage of the dedicated FTP type tools, is the restart of any file, if the network connection is interrupted.   This "restart" will be able to continue where it left off.   


So if your file(s) or directory is 100 MB or 10 GB, please review using a FTP client tool to push/pull to a CA Support Ticket.     Since the connection will be over SSH (TCP 22), this port is typically open for client Firewall outbound connections.


Step 1:  Open connection to CA Support:

- Login with your CA Support credentials:    Typically your company email address.

- If you have never registered, you will need two (2) pieces of information:   Your company email address & Site ID.

- The Site ID may be found from an internal project manager, or you may contact your CA services Project Manager or call CA Support.

- Select Case Management


Step 2:  Select Search Cases TAB, if you already have a Support Case open.

- You may search on Case Number or any other field.

- Once you have completed your search, you will see a list of one or more cases.

- Select the case you wish to open.




Step 3:  Note your support case number & company site ID number.

- Scroll down on this page till you see the banner "FTP/SFTP Access Information"




Step 4: Expand the banner  "FTP/SFTP Access Information"

- Note the section "FOR SFTP USE TCP PORT 22"

- This section will have the URL format of the connection string information.

- Some browsers will accept this hyperlink URL as is, and attempt to open an embedded SSH session; but that process does not provide the "reget" functionality, that a full feature tool would.

- Record this information in Notepad, to transfer to an FTP client tool.



Step 5:  Select any FTP client tool, that provides the ability to open SFTP session over SSH.


Example 1:    Opensource Filezilla:

FileZilla - The free FTP solution 

- In the FileZilla tool,Site Manager, enter your CA Support credentials  (your company email address & password)

- Click on Advance Tab, and then paste in part of the URL, with just the PATH.

- PATH should include the forward slash, the company SITE ID#, the Case #.

- Optional:  May includes the sub-folder:  files_from_customer   or files_from_ca



Example 2:   WinSCP

Introducing WinSCP :: WinSCP 




Other FTP client tool may be used as well, but the two (2) above seem to be popular with client sites & partners.


I have found this process to be very valuable to setup a download or upload.

-  Useful even while in flight (slow & open to interruption) to restart download connections.

- Not only support cases, but also ISO downloads.



What tools do you use?






Alan Baugher