Red Hat Packages to Install Performance Center 3.1

Blog Post created by Alessandro_Kuramoto Employee on Sep 20, 2017

It is necessary that your Red Hat System has access to a Red Hat Repository to use yum or you can mount your own Red Hat media and create a local Repository. See this article: Need to set up yum repository for locally-mounted DVD on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - Red Hat Customer Portal it is for Red Hat 7, but it apply to Red Hat 6 too.


Here is the yum command to install necessary packages in Red Hat 6.x to install Performance Center 3.1 and more usefull packages to use in Linux:

yum -y install bc bison bzip2-libs file libaio lsof make ntp pstack rpcbind sed sysstat unzip wget yum-utils zip


Don't forget in specially the libaio or your installation will fail with some mysql error after installation finished.


Pay attention to: depending on your system, maybe you need to add the suffix <package_name>.x86_64 to install 64-bit packages.


To get more information, see: Prepare to Install Performance Center - CA Performance Management - 3.1 - CA Technologies Documentation and Install Performance Center - CA Performance Management - 3.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


If something is missing, let me know posting here.