Superna Eyeglass and CA UIM offer a complete solution for EMC Isilon platform

Blog Post created by AndrewMacKay on Jul 6, 2016

Today's businesses have a handful of applications that matter.  We call these Tier 1 applications.  With the Big Data growth of File based business data and analytics many businesses look to EMC's Scale Out Nas Isilon platform to store the data.


EMC customers replicate this data with SyncIQ (the feature that makes DR copies of data on remote Isilon clusters).   Isilon is deployed in all industry verticals that depend on Isilon and replication to run mission critical applications from streaming media to radiology images in hospitals.


Superna has developed a DR automation platform to monitor, automate and test DR functions as a cluster witness for EMC Isilon and is well deployed to protected TB's of data on Isilon clusters.


A common theme we see with our customers is virtualized applications that might boot from SAN create files that are stored externally to the VM on Isilon.    Vmware hosts have compute, network, SAN and other dependencies to run the applications that all need a monitoring strategy and a DR strategy to ensure all required components can failover to support the "Continuous operations" of these Tier 1 applications.


The number one tool for DR Readiness is being prepared and advanced warning to anything that might prevent failure.  This is exactly what Superna Eyeglass does daily, by monitoring many aspects from Active Directory authentication to Isilon, DNS name resolution for mount paths, Replication failures, configuration audit and syncing between clusters and RPO monitoring of data loss exposure.


How does this relate to UIM?


Superna released a UIM native probe to extend Isilon Storage DR Readiness, Isilon alarms/events into UIM to simplify monitoring of mission critical storage.  See the certified probe listing here.


Using UIM to create monitoring groups in the UMP dashboard it's possible to easily monitor the entire application stack and all its dependencies including the storage layer and its health status for failover.  This native integration extends the monitoring to multi site awareness of storage layer replication between Isilon systems into UIM.


From a single screen you can see the DR readiness of the storage layer the application depends on in the event of planned or unplanned failover.


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.16.11 AM.png


Quickly see status of storage failover events

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.17.47 AM.png



Monitoring business critical applications without the data layer and DR readiness  is an incomplete solution that falls short, since DR failover's #1 requirement is the data itself.  To restore application services you need the data then move up the application stack to recover the system.


Now with Superna Eyeglass and UIM a complete end to end application to storage plus DR readiness and failover solution exists to easily manage and monitor Tier 1 business applications.  AndrewMacKay