Andrew Nguyen

How to start JBoss as a Service in Identity Governance

Blog Post created by Andrew Nguyen Employee on Sep 19, 2016

This guide is to help set JBoss as a service when an upgrade is performed from Jboss 5.1 to JBoss 6.


Files to take note of:


eurifky.bat (Located in jboss\bin)

standalone.xml (Located in <JBoss install>\standalone\configuration\)



-  Edit the service.bat file changing "call eurekify.bat " to "call ca-gm-run.bat".

- Inside the JBoss installation navigate to standalone\configuration\ then edit standalone.xml

- Locate the line "<virtual-server name="default-host" enable-welcome-root="true">" and set the value to false


From the root JBoss folder, open an admin command line window and type service install.

- Open services.msc then navigate to the JBoss application service.

- Open properties then change start from manual to automatic.
- Then start the service.