CA PPM Tuesday Tip: How to set Default Department OBS Unit

Blog Post created by Antonio_Arenas Employee on Mar 24, 2015

Many Clarity users would like to have Department and location by default in order to avoid enter this attributes manually.


Usually when the users tries to set Department and location by default, it cannot be done because there is a confusion between 2 attribute fields.


The Project object attribute list shows "Department" and "OBS Department" as seen in the following screenshot:




Many people set the "Department" attribute which is not correct, because that attribute is not in "Layout Create" for project properties, so it will not take this parameter when you create the project.


'OBS Department' is the attribute used to set Department for Projects. This field is on 'Layout Create' and this attribute will set the 'OBS Department' field in the General properties page and it will set the value on the 'Department' field in the Financial properties page.


These Two Fields are linked:

The 'Department' field on the financial properties page, which is different than the 'Department OBS' field on the main, general page.

Underlying product software links the two fields together. So when you update the 'Department OBS' field on the general properties page it updates the 'Department' field on the financial properties page.


When you update the 'Department' field on the Financial properties page, it updates the 'Department OBS' field on the general properties page.