Arunprasath Ramachandran

Points to Remember when using the CA PPM Forgot Password Feature usage

Blog Post created by Arunprasath Ramachandran Employee on Aug 23, 2017

Now the CA PPM Users can  reset their user account password  as like other Web Applications directly from the application and no need to contact Application Administrator for password reset which is introduced as an additional feature in CA PPM 15.2 version.


Users can reset the password using the Forgot Password option Link from the CA PPM Login screen and an email link will be sent to the users registered email address.


Remember the below points Forgot Password will work only under below circumstances,


Forgot Password Link will be available only in the New User Experience Login page and its Not Available in Classic CA PPM.

New User Experience should be enabled if not already enabled from Administration->General Settings->System Options

User should login with the New user Experience URL configured by the Application Administrator.

      For eg URL: http(s)://<cappm_server_name>/pm


The User should be  active status in CA PPM Application.

If the User is in Inactive or Locked status in CA PPM Application user cannot reset the password.

CA PPM Application should not be enabled for Single Sign-on(SSO) Authentication.

Steps to Reset the Password

  • Click the Forgot Password Link,

  • Application  will be redirected to different page where you need to enter the  CA PPM Username and click the Send Email button.

  • Once you Click the Send Email Button the screen will get populated with the message to check your email

  • Password Reset email notification will be send to the user


  • Click on the hyperlink from the email to reset the password and enter the New Password and click Continue Button.


  • On successful password reset a screen will display as below and click Continue button.


  • User will be redirected to New UI Login Screen

  • On successful Login user will be taken to the  New UI Project screen 


Note: If the users are in Locked status or Inactive status user will not receive the password reset email link.