CSS Theme - Button Colors

Blog Post created by Aurora_Gaimon Employee on Dec 1, 2016

CA PPM allows us to change UI Theme. This is a great feature to harmonize and brand you CA PPM theme. Let’s check some simple steps and tips which will help you.


  • Login with a user account with administrator rights.
  • Go to “Administration / Studio / UI Themes”
  • Select the base UI theme you would like to modify (ie: Teal and Grey)
  • Copy and paste all CSS code in an advanced text editor.
  • Edit your CSS code.
  • Create a new custom theme (do not modify OOTB ones)
  • Paste new CSS code.
  • Select new theme.



Now, here is a good tip: You can use any web browse to inspect code and play with it.  Watch short video below:








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