Multi-Currency: Let's technically enable it! - Part (1)

Blog Post created by Aurora_Gaimon Employee on Dec 20, 2016

CA PPM allows to work with multi-currency setup. First step is to manually enable it. When installing CA PPM, it will be always "disabled".


1. Stop APP and BG service.


2. Login on CSA. Go to "System" section and tick "Multi-currency Enabled".



3. From command line window: Go under your ../<CA PPM home>/database/sql folder.


dbpatch -install -file SET_MULTICURRENCY.xml -apply



4. Start CA PPM services


5. Login on CA PPM. Ensure your administrator user has got following rights:

Financial Maintenance – Financial Management
Financial Maintenance – Financial Organizational Structure


It should be already granted. But, If they are not, assign rights to desired user(s)/group(s). Log off and in back again.


6. Go to Administration / Finance / Setup / "Currency" and configure your currencies:



7. Mark as "Active" desired currencies:



8. Go back to Setup page. Go to "Foreign Exchange Rates"



9. Configure the exchange rate for each additional currency enabled in the system.






** Note: If you check "Default" Financial Setup, you will see now system shows it's mutli-currency enabled.





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