CA PPM: Turn on "Maintenance Mode"

Blog Post created by Aurora_Gaimon Employee on Jan 11, 2017

CA PPM does not provide out of the box (OOTB) magic button to turn application into "Maintenance Mode".


What does it mean?  Basically, I mean when environment is "locked" for all users except for specific administrators during maintenance activities. This action prevents and aware users login is not possible.


Something similar too:



Even when user tries to login, it won't be able due to account is locked too in the DataBase (DB).



How do we achieve it? Since there is not an OOTB one way of doing it, there are many custom ways. Today, I will cover just one of many possibilities:





1. Create a custom object called "Locking Users" or similar with a custom field called "unique_name".


2. Create a two process without start condition, to be run on-demand, and without linking to any specific object.


  • Process to lock users:

 - Read all users ("user_name ") which are active:

   Table: cmn_sec_users 

   Attribute user: user_name 

   Attribute status: user_status_id =200

- Store all those "user_name" in your custom object and field "unique_name"

- Update all users which from '200' (active) to '202' (locked) except the administrators users you need to use for    singing in.


  • Process to unlock users:

 - Read all users ("unique_name") from your custom object.

- Update all users in cmn_sec_users  which from '202' (locked) to '200' (active) according to the list stored in your    custom object.

- Delete all records from customer object, so it's blanked for next time.


3. Create a new UI theme.Those UI theme should be a replica of your current one.

Modify to sections:  









** Note: accommodate text, color and font-size as you need.




1. Run process to lock users.

2. Set new UI theme.

3. Go ahead with your maintenance activities.

4. Run process to unlock users.




If you need help with process/gels or updating UI theme, engage CA Services or ask questions in CA Communities.




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