CA PPM: New Jasper EXPORT/IMPORT feature

Blog Post created by Aurora_Gaimon Employee on Mar 17, 2017

Since Jasper has been integrated with CA PPM, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who needed to export data such as:


• Custom adhoc views
• Customer domains
• Customer reports
• Customer input controls
• Custom filters and user folders with reports/views/extract, etc..


from one environment to another one. 


Good new!!! With Jasper 6.2.1 is now possible in few steps, saving a lot of time and make able to export items which it was impossible before, specially on SaaS environments, where command line for Jasper is not allowed.



How does it work?



  • Your CA PPM must be 14.3 or higher in order to have a supported Jasper version 6.2.1
  • and then...  .. Very simple, "right-click" on the content you want to export (unit and below):




By default, the following options will be shown:



  • Export Name: You can change the "export" zip file name to something more convenient. But, format must be always ZIP.
  • Include report jobs (unchecked):  Check it if you want to export the scheduled reports within your report (it applicable).
  • Include repository permissions (checked)it will export its permission and inherited too.


Once you have your ZIP file, it can be either imported to same environment or to a different one. 



  • From Advance reporting / Manage / Organizations

  • Right-click on your organization name and select "Import..."


  • If it's a different organization (so, a different CA PPM environment), the source organization will have a different ID than the target organization. It will be asked to enter the source organization  ID, target organization  ID and the content that is merge into target organization ID.



For further details, I'd suggest to check documentation on CA Technologies Documentation:


Migrate (Export and Import) Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting Content - CA PPM SaaS - 15.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


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