[TIP] - Quickly find out Lookup value IDs

Blog Post created by Aurora_Gaimon Employee on Mar 21, 2017

Many of you might use it already, for those who don't know , I'd like to present following tip to save time when developing some code, specially sql queries. 


Let's explain with an easy example:



We want to find out the lookup values ID and names used in Project Type.


Steps (without TIP):

1. In order to find out lookup and its value IDs, you must navigate to "Administration / Object / Project / Attributes / Project Type" and manually check what lookup is been used in the attribute:



2. Once you have the lookup ID, go to "Administration / Lookups /  Idea and Project Type " and search for its value IDs.



What if we can save many clicks? I love Chrome, so I will use this one. I'm talking about using "Inspect" (AKA Inspect Element) functionality.



Steps (with TIP):

1. Right click on Chrome and click on "Inspect"



2. Following panels will be show. Click on black arrow to expand content to see values.


** Note: It will provide the Value ID and Value Name, but not the lookup ID/Name used.



When is it useful?

  • When writing or debugging SQLqueries.
  • When using XOG/GEL and we quickly need to find out lookup value ID.

When we use OOTB with real value IDs are not shown in the lookup properties such Investment Status Indictator (id: INVESTMENT_STATUS_INDICATOR)

Internal IDs are not really "RED" or "YELLOW" or "GREEN". 

If you run a query against Database, you will see it's 1, 2 and 3.


  • When doing anything that requires to check possible lookup values IDs.




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