CA PPM: People, Process and Tools

Blog Post created by Aurora_Gaimon Employee on Mar 30, 2017

Few years ago, one of my CA peers gave me great advice on "People , Process, and Tools". As a technical consultant, you may get exited with new challenges creating scripts, portlets, reports. As a functional consultant you may start asking customer "Why do you want it for...what is the benefit... Can we use out of the box capability... ". As an Architect, you may even start thinking on "People, Process, Tools".


What does it really  mean?


People: Always, always, always, people first 

Some key question you may ask:

  • What is the current user adoption in the organization about CA PPM?
  • Does Management buy-in and encourage and drive employees?
  • Are really people using it?
  • Who is accountable and responsible for?
  • etc..


Process: Many companies believe a tool make the process for them. When actually is the other way around. So, what I see sometime is: "What is the tool capable of? .. ok ... let's go to build a process around it...". This is wrong, really wrong.

Some key questions you may ask:

  • What is your business process? Is it really covering business needs?
  • Do we have documentation? Or peopled trained properly?
  • Are processes broken? or complicate? Are they followed/performed correctly?
  • What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Do we have them defined? 
  • etc..


ToolsOnce organization has the right people who are executing the right processes, then we can start thinking about the tool.

Some key questions:

  • Do we have the technology in-house?
  • Do we have Out of the Box capabilities with the selected tool(s)?
  • Do we need configuration / customization?
  • Do we follow Best Practices?
  • etc...


I'm pretty sure that after reading those lines  you may recall or recognize some situations you have been involved with. My good peer pointed and remembered these 3 magic words many times to me and to custom before start coding and building complex solutions who no one will ever use, in a broken or almost non existing process, Senior Management not buying-in and lack of time/resources for training employees .



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