CA PPM: Data Migration Tool (DMT) - SOAP Client Tool (Part 2)

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As in previous post mentioned, I will start first talking about the supported and certified tools. Today is DMT's turn.


What does DMT stand for?

Data Migration Tool.



What is it?

Data Migration for CA PPM is a Java-based desktop utility that dynamically creates an XML Open Gateway (XOG) which it uses to import data into CA PPM.



Where do we download it from?

You cannot download it from CA PPM application, DVD media or CA support site.

This is a tool developed by CA Global Delivery as a Package Work Product (PWP).

See CA PPM Packaged Work Products page for more details:


Data Migration for CA PPM
Data Migration for CA PPM allows administrators to import project and portfolio data from external sources into CA PPM. This Java-based utility includes predefined rules which validate records prior to import. With no special programming, users can define source and destination field mappings which are saved in CA PPM as configurations that can be modified and re-used for additional import jobs. The utility also includes BACKUP and RESTORE facilities to help users manage configurations. Data Migration for CA PPM supports importing data stored in flat files (.csv, .txt) or Microsoft Office Excel files (.xlsx, .xlsxm).



How do we configure it?

Just ensure you have the right java version installed on your desktop and follow steps in GUI. No extra pre-configuration or set up is required.



How do we use it?

As usual, you need an Input File. This is could be a simple XML file to perform a simple XOG or another type of file to mass upload/update records in CA PPM. Following formats are supported:

  • CSV file format
  • Excel file format
  • Tab delimited file
  • Pipe delimited file
  • Excel file (xlsx, xlsxm)


You may also set a Data File when: 

The first file is the configuration file and contains a list of columns (for excel input files) representing one field each. Each row represents a single item instance that needs to be loaded.


and a Mapping File (in case you need to map lookups from you input file)


As said, you just need to follow the screens in the wizard user interface. Simple.




You can build you own templates and configurations to be reused as many times as needed. It provides the possibility to  backup of all configurations done done in DMT and it can be restored back when required. What kind of configuration can we backup? 

  • Mandatory fields
  • Date Fields
  • Lookup to flat file column mapping
  • Date formats
  • XOG xml template
  • Flat file columns to XOG template mapping
  • etc...


This tools is ideal when migration big data sets, mass uploading new records or mass updating existing ones n CA PPM. In other words: One tool for all data loads.


And if it's SSL ... ?

The process is exactly the same, just when entering the CA PPM XOG server details, ensure you mark SSL option.





  • Developed by CA Global Delivery. Possible defects will be supported by CA Global Delivery.
  • Easy to use and friendly wizard Graphical User Interface (GUI). Advanced programming skills not required.
  • Less effort needed for administrators to import records into CA PPM. 
  • It can handle large volume of data.
  • Validation configuration provided.
  • Possible backups and restores of all your DMT configurations.
  • More accurately map data fields from source to CA PPM.
  • It collects data showing successful and failed record imports.





  • It's designed to work just with CA PPM (read/write). It should not be used for other applications.



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If you need help with XOG, engage CA Services or ask questions in CA Communities.


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