AI & Bots for BAs and Developers

Blog Post created by BAteam on Nov 16, 2017


We are working on launching a Chatbot tool for BAs and Developers to capture and organize User Stories.

BotBA automates the tedious tasks of documenting user stories, saving precious time for a Business Analyst. Using Artificial Intelligence, the bot understands the user stories, it decomposes and organizes them in a single location. The stories can be downloaded, manipulated and re-loaded as a spreadsheet for easy updates. Bot BA can also create presentations to visualize the project. Automated documentation, single source of truth, access from anywhere.

We believe if we let some of the annoying work to be taken care of by AI, then people can focus on the most important tasks of being creative and solve problems. Here it is how:

Check it out we think Bot BA saves lots of time :


Please let us know if you have any questions.