1.SharePoint / Project Hub: It might be Counterintuitive?

Blog Post created by BillLazzaroni Employee on Nov 17, 2017

Wading into the water…

One of my favorite terms and truism’s is “counterintuitive.” There are things in life that are counter to what our intuition would lead us to expect.

One good example is exercise. How many of us have said or heard someone say, I don’t have time to exercise? For those of us that have made exercise part of our life balance we have found that with exercise it makes you feel better, stronger, and all importantly think better. You’ll become more efficient in performing the various daily tasks and activities. Return on investment, exercise will create time in your day. Counterintuitive.

I believe many of us if not all of us put “copying files to SharePoint / Project Hub” as a low priority item in our weekly task list. The problem is we have a weekly to do list of more important items and we are challenged to get to the low priority items and some of them remain undone.

What if I told you that copying the project files to SharePoint will save you time in the long run? That would be counterintuitive. Maybe like exercise?

Here’s what I’ve found. When you have your Excel and Word folders with 100’s of files you are inefficient in finding what you need quickly. I know, I used to be there. How many of us have saved a file with “Copy of” in the front of the name by mistake? By copying and freeing up your Excel and Word directories, my goal at the end of the week is to have both fit on a page, you can go to files immediately instead of hunting and searching and losing time in addition to being frustrated.

But Bill copying the files for all projects at the end of the week takes a lot of time. I agree. If you think you need a block of time to copy 7 projects worth of files most likely you’re not going to get the time and in turn the copies won’t get done. My recommendation is don’t wait to copy all at the same time. My recommendation is considering the copy the last step in the deliverables send to the client. After you’ve sent your last status deliverables for a project make it your process to copy the files right then for that project. On average, the copy process takes 3 or 4 minutes for me per project. My recommendation is to fight off the urge to go to the next “To Do” list item that is the next highest priority.

The Copy process includes time to delete some files once copied and rename some files to the next week’s dates. This assumes you’ve adopted a standard naming convention.

Lastly, for those of you that have multiple iterations of SOW artifacts “to be signed” in your folders, my recommendation is to copy prior versions to projects that are active for that same client if possible keeping the most current only in your folders. Another option is to delete prior versions without copying. Summary: “clean = efficient = saves time.”