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I wanted to share this interesting problem that I had the other day.


When clicking the test connection button in GM on the IM connection page the connection fails. The reason is because GM cannot decode multibyte characters in passwords.


What happens when you click the test connection button?


  GM initiates a TEWS call to IM with the credentials that you entered on the test connection screen

    During this step it creates the webservices definition called RCMIM

  It then reads in the connection for the IM user directory, the Provisioning server, and the Provisioning directory

  Once collected it attempts to contact each one with the credentials found in the directory.xml files

    If you are using GM 12.6.2CR2 or lower (possible this issue will occur with 12.6.3 if not fixed in time) you will get an invalid credentials error if the password contains multi-byte characters.

    Some examples of these characters can be found here:

    UTF-8 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


This bug has been reported to engineering, and is currently being worked on, it requires fixes to both IM and GM code. at the time of writing this IM is at 12.6.5 and GM is at 12.6.2.cr2



Bill Patton