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Located here:

\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\samples\Support\IMInfo

The readme states this:


Note: You are welcomed to try it on windows, but PLEASE AVOID TO USE IT IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT.

This simple tool - IMInfo tool, was designed for collecting diagnostic information from Identity Manager Server automatically.

It is easy to use:
1. Copy all its files to a Server with IMS installed and unzip it if they has been compressed to a single file.
2. Run "Cmd.exe" to open windows console.
3. Change current directory to IMInfo's, input "iminfo all" and Enter. (if you type "iminfo" without any parameter and enter, you will get some help info)
4. You will see prompt on console, saying something like "load class..; Collecting OS info..", The last line indicates full path and name of the output file. The output file will be a zip file named, where MMDDYYY ... means the time that the output file created.
5. Unzip the output file, here should be a file named "iminfo_report.html". Double click to open it, everything the IMInfo tool collected is in the file.

Currently, this simple tool has been tested under following Environments
1. JDK1.4.2_13 + IM R12CR2 + JBoss 4.0.5 + MSSQL Server 2005 + Windows 2008
2. JDK1.5 + IM R12CR8 + JBoss4.2.3  + MSSQL Server 2005 + Windows 2003
3. JDK1.5 + IM R12.5 + WebLogic9  + MSSQL Server 2005 + Windows 2003

Therefore, it should working well with all IM R12+ release and most application servers (Except for WebSphere).

Since it use JDBC to connect to DB, it should support Oracle DB as well. But we haven't test it yet.

This tool is till in prototype state. Therefore it would be highly appreciate if you can send the output file to the developer's mail box And of course, feedback, issues.. are very desired.



I hope that this can be used for WebSphere soon!!